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MyndSpawn 5lb Bulk Mushroom Substrate

MyndSpawn 5lb Bulk Mushroom Substrate

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MyndShrooms MyndSpawn Bag - Unlock the Power of Your Mushroom Cultivation!

Whats Included: 

  • 5 lbs of Organic Coco Coir and Premium Fine Course Vermiculite Hydrated to Field Capacity Infused with Our Mushroom FastGro Nutrient Blend 

Prepare to witness an unprecedented transformation in your mushroom growing endeavors with our remarkable MyndSpawn bags.

Meticulously crafted by our team of expert mycologists, these bags are specifically engineered to propel your cultivation to new heights, resulting in astonishing yields.

Experience the magic firsthand as our innovative blend of premium ingredients, including coco coir, vermiculite, gypsum, and essential nutrients, revolutionizes your growing experience.

Leading the charge is the extraordinary MyndShrooms MyndSpawn Bag, a testament to the pinnacle of sterile bulk mushroom substrates.

Perfected through extensive research, this exclusive formulation caters to the unique needs of various mushroom species, ensuring accelerated growth rates and awe-inspiring harvests.

While the precise blend of ingredients, including composted horse manure, coco coir, and our secret substrate supplements, remains closely guarded, its unparalleled results have earned the unwavering trust of mushroom growers worldwide.

What's more, our substrate arrives perfectly hydrated to field capacity, ensuring ideal moisture levels for optimal performance.

Embrace versatility and harness the full potential of your MyndSpawn bags.

Whether you prefer the convenience of monotubs, the efficiency of filter bags, or the natural charm of outdoor beds, our MyndSpawn Bag excels in every growing environment.

Alternatively, take control of your cultivation journey by creating a humidity-controlled paradise in your grow room or utilizing a Martha system. Watch in awe as your mushrooms flourish when grown directly from the bag or tray.

For maximum success, we recommend a spawn to bulk ratio of 1 colonized grain spawn bag to 1-3 MyndSpawn Bags. However, for those seeking extraordinary outcomes, higher inoculation rates may further amplify your results, pushing the boundaries of your cultivation achievements.

Do not settle for ordinary yields when extraordinary is within reach. Unleash the true potential of your mushroom cultivation journey with the exceptional MyndShrooms MyndSpawn Bag.

Elevate your skills and experience the sheer delight of bountiful harvests. Don't hesitate - secure your MyndSpawn bags today and embark on an unforgettable voyage of cultivation mastery!

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Alex Dehne
Thank you!

You guys are the best where do I find discount codes?? Timely and always a good product!

Gravel Roads
Bulk Substrate

Delivery was a bit slow but the product was worth the wait. No contamination at all. First time customer but won't be my last from this company!

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